About Us

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VOCKSIES was built on a belief that the little things – like socks – really can make a big difference. 

At VOCKSIES, we believe in taking care of your number one asset, YOU! To support you, keep you at your peak performance and just being the best version of you. Just pulling on a great pair of socks in the morning has the power to increase your energy levels and performance. It is as simple as that! 

Our founders created this brand to help people be their best, prevent health issues down the line and be inspired to be the best version of themselves living life to the fullest.

A pair of great socks are just like a set of great tyres, they are your contact with the road. Great socks are the key to walking and living brighter. 



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After many years of flying and sitting at the pointy end of the aircraft it dawned upon me that I had tried everything to combat the swelling of my feet, restlessness, low energy levels and circulation problems. I tried taking my shoes off as they had become too tight only to then struggle to put them back on, stand up for a moment, stretch, drink more coffee….. wait a second, if you have a hole in a bucket, you don’t just keep pouring more water in! You first must patch the hole….. 'eureka moment' . Why is something so important very rarely talked about, travel/compression socks, travel socks for flight crew and the nations workforce who spend 12 hours a day sat in a chair or on their feet, nurses, bar staff, chefs, doctors, supermarket staff, retail workers….How can we help, as no one else is?!

What can we do to help support everyone with their health, energy and just being the best version of themselves?! What worked for us.......socks.......compression socks. So the journey into to designing a sock to help us all began. 


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It is our mission at VOCKSIES to support you and to keep you at your peak level of performance and health. With our socks we combine our two passions: design and high-tech technology with the highest standard of craftsmanship into a sock designed to worn everyday.

By implementing the graduated compression technology into our VOCKSIES compression and travel socks, the blood circulation in your legs will be stimulated. While the graduated pressure gives you support and helps prevent you from having ‘heavy’, sore or swollen legs and feet by increasing the circulation in your legs and feet. This, together with our eye for sleek design, the highest quality and optimal comfort, we transformed our socks into something fashionable and comfortable that can be worn every day from the home office to the flight deck, helping to keep you at your peak performance, health and ready to be you.

Compression socks for pilots, plant in recycled plant pot green and brown. helping the environmentOur Beautiful Planet

It was also very important for us to create something that would have as smaller impact on the environment as possible. It's a beautiful planet for us all to explore and love, but we all have to do our bit where we can to preserve its beauty. So all of our packaging is made where possible from materials from recycled products, recyclable or biodegradable. I mean our beautiful mailing bags are made from corn so can be added to your compost bin as they are fully biodegradable and will be food for your plants in 6 weeks. 


Who are we?

We are a team of pilots and medical professionals at VOCKSIES that have designed our travel socks utilising graduated compression technology. We have made something so important with so many benefits easily accessible to you with the highest standard of craftsmanship through our attention to detail and service. We just want to help you be the best you!

Travel Socks

We strongly believe that there is a way to benefit from the medical class compression technology in our socks, while still looking fashionable and feeling comfortable. You will get energy from our socks, feel less fatigue whilst looking and feeling great!
Our biggest win is knowing that you will be benefiting from the socks we designed for you to be the best you, travelling, working or just being you.